About textCare

Text message reminders sent at the right time, keeping your patients on plan

What does it do?

  • Reminders to stop medications and eating before a procedure.
  • Kick-start and follow up reminders for a new exercise or diet plan after a procedure.
  • Can be used for most preparation or treatment plans, and for reminders.
  • Send to single or multiple recipients

Why should I use it?

  • Reduce costs with non-compliance and re-bookings.
  • Improve patient satisfaction by making it easy to stick to a plan.
  • Reduce time spent making phone calls.
  • Inexpensive with no software to install.

How does it work?

  • textCare is a simple web based system, available on any computer with an Internet connection.
  • Patients (or their caregivers) receive timely reminders to act, on their cell phone (SMS text message).
  • You set up templates then a series of steps for sending messages at a certain time.
  • When the appointment is made, enter the mobile number, set the appointment date/time and select a plan. We’ll take care of the rest.

How much does it cost?

  • Register now for a free trial – you get 10 free credits and a sample plan. Try it out on your own phone number and see for yourself.
  • Minimum charge is $12 (40 messages) – see our pricing page, there are discounts for larger volumes.
  • For a 5 step plan, this is only $1.50 per patient.

Is this information part of the patient clinical record?

  • No. It should be considered a tool to help compliance only. All medical details should be kept in the patient notes or medical record.

Can I use it to send prescription details?

  • We would advise not. However, textCare can be used to remind patients of changed medications after an appointment, or to remind stopping medications before a procedure.

Does this mean we should stop all phone call reminders?

  • Not necessarily, there’s nothing quite like receiving a personal phone call. Some patients may opt out of receiving text messages. However, studies have shown that people respond very positively to text message reminders, and it certainly will save staff time spent making phone calls.

How does it work with my patient management system?

  • Currently textCare operates separately from your patient management system (which is why you can start using it now, at low cost).
  • We have built an API (application programming interface) that can be used by software developers to integrate textCare with other applications. Contact us for more details.

Developers – API

If you need a simple way to add text message functionality to your application, get in touch. The textCare API (REST over HTTP) is being used by a nationwide counselling system, and we are currently implementing it with a surgical system.

How secure is it?

  • We take security very seriously. All data is stored on secure servers with one of New Zealand’s largest web hosting providers. Messaging is handled by one of Australasia’s largest SMS providers. Passwords and emails addresses are encrypted. We will never share your details with anyone.

What if the messages are not sent?

  • If an incorrect phone number is entered, the message will fail - we will let you know by email if this happens.

What countries can use textCare?

  • At this stage, just New Zealand.

Who is textCare?

  • textCare is a service provided by Medsyn Software, based in Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Award winning developers of health-care solutions in New Zealand for over 15 years.